Beechen Cliff School host National Cyber Roadshows South West

Mar 16, 2018

Beechen Cliff School host National Cyber Roadshows South West

Beechen Cliff School host National Cyber Roadshows South West

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Beechen Cliff School host National Cyber Roadshow South West

Beechen Cliff School were proud to host one of the first Cyber Roadshows to introduce cyber security to school children aged 10–14 years old, developing their knowledge and setting them on the path to future cyber careers.

We invited pupils with an interest in Computing from Hayesfield & Royal High Schools and combined with boys from Years 9 and 10 there were a total of 80 pupils in attendance.

The day took place in our Sixth Form Study area and saw a mix of hands on technical challenges, inspirational keynote talks, and networking delivered by national and regional professionals in cyber security. Activities included a Binary in A Box session; basic network security lessons using a packet tracer and code breaking and other problem solving puzzles.

They were coupled with inspirational talks from cyber security industry professionals from Computer Network Defence and Cyber Security Challenge UK alumni to inspire and engage the pupils on what may lie in their future.

There were also sessions from the South West Cyber Crime Unit who wanted to encourage young programmers to use their skills ethically and legally, diverting any individuals from a life of cybercrime as early as possible and enabling them to have bright ‘Cyber Futures’.

With over half of UK businesses are affected by cyber security breaches annually, and by inspiring students to continue to study cyber security and consider it as a future career, events of this type aim to create a stronger UK in the future.

As cyber security becomes more and more important for the future of businesses and the Government, there is a projected skills gap of 1.8 million by 2022. The Cyber Roadshow introduced the subject to pupils in a fun and engaging way, showing them the varied and exciting careers they can hold in the future.

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